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Please note that all forms and questionnaires are returned to our customer relationship system by a secure TLS connection. If you have concerns regarding completing our forms or questionnaires on-line, please contact us using the appropriate details provided to arrange an alternative method. The information on this page (and the privacy notices it links to) may sometimes change, so you should revisit these, and any other relevant pages, from time to time. Once we have confirmed your identity, the request will then be sent to the appropriate court, tribunal or business unit to process. If you are requesting information that you believe West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service holds about you, you are entitled to do this under the General Data Protection Regulation.

For information on how to exercise your rights, please refer to Section 10.2 of this Privacy Statement. We also collect information about you from other sources including partners from whom we collect or purchase Personal Data or who provide us with publicly available information which may contain Personal Data. We specialise in developing practical and proportionate compliance programmes for organisations, large and small. We have considerable expertise in building GDPR programmes, typically for global companies looking to apply GDPR as their standard internationally.

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This time may be extended where your request is complex or one of multiple requests from you; in that event HFRS will contact you to let you know the reason for the time extension and provide you a new date for completion. To help us action your request please provide as much detail as possible about what you want to happen and any other information you have. Please be aware that if HFRS do not receive sufficient information it will not be possible to process your request. We will ask you for more information should this occur and the timescales relating to your request will be extended. If you have additional questions or need further assistance, please feel free to contact our team. We are here to help you navigate the complexities of data protection and safeguard your organization’s sensitive information.

Please note that proof of identity and the reason for your request will be necessary for London Nightline to respond appropriately. Privacy is at the heart of our work at London Nightline (and our parent organisation, the Nightline Association). We are committed to protecting your privacy and the personal data that we hold. The purpose of this statement is to inform you of our policies regarding the collection, use, and disclosure of Personal Information when you use our Service, and to do so in a clear and transparent manner.

For the purpose of training and security calls to and from our contact centres are recorded. At DPAS, we offer a huge range of CPD and BCS accredited training courses to suit the needs of your organisation – including virtual, onsite, eLearning, and workshops. Cloud storage, in simple terms, means using a virtual hard drive to save and store your files online, so files are stored in what is commonly referred to as ‘the cloud’. This means that the files are not stored on your local machine, but instead, are hosted remotely and can be accessed over a network. Once itservice-datenschutz has been uploaded to the cloud, it can usually be accessed by any device which has an internet connection.

The Northdoor Data Protection Advisory Service Offering

It is subject to certain legal safeguards specified in the combined data protection Laws (UK GDPR and DPA 2018) and other regulations related to personal data. Alternatively, please write to us at the address given or send us a personal data request form. Please be specific about what you want and provide proof of your identity (preferably a copy of your driving licence or passport). Your DPO will work directly with your Data Protection Lead (DPL) or staff members to provide easy-to-understand guidance and advice on data and breach management issues. Partnered with the GDPRiS platform, this service offers your school completely outsourced DPO services and GDPR management. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a European-wide law that replaced the Data Protection Act 1998 in the UK.

Ionos is among 377 organisations participating in the Gaia-X project, which aims to join up cloud service providers in a federated system, so data can move between them while data owners remain in control. The GDPR defines a ‘personal  data breach’ as a breach of security if security leading to the accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorized disclosure of, or access to, personal data. Conor Hogan, Global Practice Director – Data Governance, oversees our global practice team of data protection and privacy professionals. His team supports clients from across the world to meet the evolving challenges of privacy and data protection compliance. On this page you can find our Primary Privacy Notice, our Data Protection Policy and guidance on how you can exercise your rights under the data protection legislation. Any personal information submitted to this site by young people or children will not be used for any purposes other than monitoring activity on the site.

PETs link closely to the concept of privacy by design, and therefore apply to the technical measures you can put in place. They can assist you in complying with the data protection principles and are a means of implementing data protection by design within your organisation on a technical level. We will produce further guidance on how you can implement data protection by design soon. However, the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario has published guidance on how organisations can ‘operationalise’ privacy by design, which may assist you. Embed data protection into the design of any systems, services, products and business practices. You should ensure data protection forms part of the core functions of any system or service – essentially, it becomes integral to these systems and services.

‘Processing’ is the action that London Nightline takes when collecting, updating, storing or accessing an individual’s personal data to produce meaningful information which helps London Nightline to grow and develop. By disclosing personal data to London Nightline, you are consenting to the collection, storage and processing of data in the manner described in this policy, unless clearly stated otherwise. Under the Data Protection Act, London Nightline is required to state how we use and/or process any personal data, which may be provided by users of this service. The DPO assist gives you access to specialist support on a need-to basis on data protection and data governance issues, including new challenges and complex situations.

The Act also required data controllers (i.e. bodies who hold information about individuals, such as the Council) to follow the data protection principles. We need your personal data in order to provide you with council services that you apply for or receive from us and also where we are required to use information in order to meet our statutory obligations. We will only collect personal data that is absolutely necessary and any information we collect about you will be strictly in accordance with the data protection law and other statutory obligations which we are bound by. This is creating confusion and complexity for organisations and driving a requirement to re-evaluate data protection frameworks and practices. Our experts at The DPO Centre, both in our UK and EU based teams, provide representation, consultancy and ongoing support services that ensure your organisation remains up-to-date and compliant with both the UK and EU GDPR. If a business uses personal information during the normal running of its business, then the UK GDPR is likely to apply.






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